Saturday, September 1, 2012

Studio J: Jumping for Joy!

Question: You jump out of a plane at 11,000 feet, it's a blast, and you get some super fun photos. Which Close To My Heart paper would you use to scrapbook those photos?

Well, for me "Wings" came to mind. I located that lovely discontinued paper in Studio J, did some recoloring and came up with this layout:

Journaling reads:
"What an amazing day! I celebrated my 53rd birthday by jumping out of a perfectly good plane at 11,000 feet. Why? Because its been on my to-do list for quite sometime. I also remember my Grandmother expressing regret that she never had the chance to do it herself. Well, Grandma, I did it for both of us! Dreams really do come true and I'm so very thankful to Al for this awesome birthday gift. It was extra special that the kids and grandkids came out to watch. Mostly, I think they were there to see if I'd actually do it! Alaina, Alex, and Dana were right there to give me hugs when I landed and little Connor was all smiles. I really did jump for joy today!

In case you're wondering, the original color palette for Wings is Black, Vineyard Berry, and Sweet Leaf. With Studio J, I was able to coordinate the paper with the photos by recoloring to Sunset and Outdoor Denim. I was also able to adjust color intensity.

Here's a page I did awhile back using "Wings" in it's original paper form. This might give you some idea of how far you can take recoloring in Studio J:
So that's it for today's fun .... skydiving and tattoos .... occassionaly it gets a little crazy here at the Tator Patch!

Have an enjoyable Labor Day Weekend!
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  1. fun stuff. I loved watching your sky-diving video. That is the closest I'll ever get to that experience, lol.

  2. Great layout, and I love how you showed a different version of the paper. I hope you are having a great Labor-free weekend!!


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