Monday, September 3, 2012

Studio J: Life Lessons Napping 101

My youngest grandson is such a personable little guy. He's alert and happy. He loves being the center of attention and he's not camera shy ... at all!

Here's a simple Studio J layout I created using photos I snapped in late July:

Journaling reads:
"It's Sunday afternoon. Some of us fishing, some of us swimming, some of us chatting. Wait .... where did Connor and Uncle David run off too? Aha! .... there they are .... fast asleep in the cool shade!"
Studio J Tips:

1. I couldn't "mat" the round photos using the pop-up photo tool box. What I could do was pick a round stickease, place it on top of the photo, resize it so it covers the photo completely, then right click to send it backwards. The photo is then sitting on top of a cute mat that can then be resized and repositioned. I think it makes the photo pop right off the page.

2. Right side of layout: When I place the photo of Connor and Uncle David in that upper left position, little Connor was hidden behind the round photo with the sunny yellow mat. In real life, Connor was cradled in David's left arm. In order to see Connor in the photo, I used the photo tool box to "flip" the photo so that it now appears that David is cradling Connor in his right arm. Problem solved. No more hidden Connor!

This method works great BUT keep this in mind when flipping photos: If David had a logo or printed t-shirt on (for instance), the lettering or print would appear backwards. So be aware of any signs, lettering, logos, or anything that you don't want to appear backwards in your photo before you flip it. Okay?

Well, that's it for today .... thanks so much for popping in!

Comments are always welcome and appreciated!


  1. Cute! Seeing your studio J layouts is putting in the mood to scrap some studio J! Thanks for Sharing!

  2. Great tips! Thanks you. Cute cute cute baby!

  3. As always, great tips, Marg!! You could teach this class at a Corporate Event easily! Now that Connor is adorable and Tinkerin' was the perfect paper!!


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