Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ready For Take Off!

Being the experienced "traveler with kids" person that I am, packing for a road trip that included 4 grandkids ages 2 months to 9 years didn't phase me a bit! Oh, believe me ... I learned the hard way having been an avid camper raising three kids way back when!

These days I have the luxury of an empty nest and creative time which means .... "swag bags" for the g-kids! Here's what they traveled with last week:

I had a Thirty One party last month and order these adorable little totes.
You can visit Kari Munson's Thirty One website HERE if you'd like to see these and other super terrific Thirty One bags, and storage totes!

My daughter aka "Aunti Cheese" made these fleece tie blankets .....
If you need a good how-to tutorial, here's one of several available links:

We traveled with one Transformer and two Disney Princesses!

The "big kid" bags were packed with snacks and small activity items.
I made sure there was room left for them to stash sunglasses and small souvenirs as well.

My mini man's bag contained soft toys, a blankie, and wipes!

And of course, no crafters g-kids are going to tote around unadorned, plain jane note pads!
I used the precious few Dotty For You scraps I had left, the Hooray Bouquet stamp set,
Bling Buttons and some Baker's Twine for these.
This is Super Hero for my six year old super hero!

The kids loved their travel bags and blankies. We were loaded, belted in, and ready for takeoff on schedule at 8am .... just can't beat that!

Thanks for stopping by the Tator Patch ...
.....have a super hero kind of day!


  1. Oh Marg! This is an incredible post, and I love what you did for the kiddos! How nice that they each now have their own Thirty-One bags!! You are just a wonderful grandmother!!

  2. Oh I love these ideas! What a thoughtful, and crafty grandma you are. The travel bags are a great idea. Love the notepads of course.


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