Monday, June 18, 2012

Studio J: Found Photos

I've been doing a little photo housekeeping this past week. I burned a few Cd's, uploaded to Shutterfly and Persnickety, and cleaned up random files on my external hard drive. Pretty easy stuff when I get a break from the office hustle or if I'm enjoying a little downtime at home.

With a family vacation, a convention in Dallas, a baby shower, a retreat weekend, two more major barbeques to host, 4th of July, and a new granddaughter due in September .... well, my camera will be working overtime. I better make sure I'm organized and up to date on all my backups!

I was closing out my 2011 files and discovered a few photos from December that I had yet to scrapbook. So, it was off to Studio J, and in less than 2 hours I had these two layouts done and sitting in my shopping cart:

It's fun working with Christmas photos in June! These are great memories I have from last year. Cookies and music are always holiday favorites of mine!

Both of these layouts were created with the Mistletoe  digital paper pack. Not only does it coordinate the layouts with a common Christmas theme, it streamlined the process and saved time.

You know, you can spend as much time as you'd like creating Studio J layouts. There are new techniques to learn all the time. Do a little, or do alot .... its up to you. Studio J is continually developing and teaching new techniques that add to our bag of digital tricks. What I love most is that the end result is always beautifully coordinated, printed and handled with the utmost care, and the quality is second to none.

If you'd like to learn more about Studio J feel free to visit my website or shoot me an email. I'm more than happy to sit sown with you and show you the ropes!

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  1. 1. I wish I could sit down with you for a private tutoring session. Digital scrapbooking scares me! But I do want to learn.
    2. I love my TS Christmas CD. I bet they were amazing to see live!
    Great pages, you are making some major progress on the Studio J!

  2. Every time I see your granddaughter's precious little face, I smile. She is a cutie! You absolutely do a wonderful job with Studio J!

  3. Hooray for Studio J and clearing out old photos! I have a note on my desk with "Found Photos" at the top, so I have some sorting and catch-up scrapping to do, too. Your layouts look great, and how fun seeing the Transiberian orchestra. Love their music.


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