Tuesday, August 16, 2011

To the Bad Girls of Scrap ....

Just returned from a wildly successful weekend with the Bad Girls of Scrap. Ladies .... thanks again for another memorable retreat!

As promised, here are the links or info you requested:

1. Amy Butler Scrap Tote

It appears this bag has been discontinued but I did find it listed here:
and here:

It has been replaced with this one:


2. Clear Lip & Tape Bags: for your cards, paper supplies, ect

This is the size chart:

3. You can shop online for Close To My Heart products here:
or you can come back here to the Tator Patch and use the links listed at the top!

4. The Sangria mix can be found here at Jen's Willow House:

#41505 for the white and #57103 for the red.
No need to use expensive wines
You can substitute cranberry juice (white or red) for 1/2 the water in the recipe if you like your Sangria more fruity.
Simple, easy and tastes great everytime!
Otherwise you can use any number of online "how-tos" but make sure to
use this:

5. I will email everyone around Oct 15th about the November retreat at Hinckley and the supplies we'll need for these candy boxes:
If I missed something just email me:

See you next time!

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