Thursday, February 23, 2017

Papercrafting Meets the NFL

Question: What's a little friendly football smack-talk among fellow papercrafters ?
Answer: A whole lotta fun!

I've never met Tracey Pierce in person but this is what I know about her:

1. She has a really cool craft space
2. She's very creative {love her cards}
3. She loves her family and is a true country girl at heart
4. She's a die hard Seattle Seahawks fan!

I on the other hand  am an enthusiastic Minnesota Vikings fan. So, back in the 2015-2016 NFL season Tracey and I started some friendly online banter. That turned into a bit of a wager. When the Vikings and Seahawks play against each other, the losing team's fan had to create something using the winning team colors. That first year the Vikings let me down {go figure} and I made something for Tracey using a blue-green combo. 

This year however, the Seahawks lost to the Vikings and lookie-lookie what I scored:

Not only did she create with Vikings colors, but she included some wonderful treats
from her home state! How cool is that?

Super cute 6x6 card featuring Fundamentals paper and the exclusive 
Operation Smile Stamp Set

How about this 12x12 page!
I have the perfect photos in mind for this one.

And about the confetti sprinkles in the pics ... 
Tracey's green packaging didn't escape my notice!
Die-hard Hawks fan to the core I'm tellin' ya!

Thank you Tracey from the bottom of my Purple and Gold heart!

You can find Tracey and her creations here:



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  1. Marg, I had so much fun creating for you, even if the purple and gold left my eyes burning...or maybe it was the 'Hawks loss. Can't wait to see what convention brings ;) Until next season! Go Seahawks!!!


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