Tuesday, December 15, 2015

RB Blog Hop! Last Minute Gifts

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We're at the half-way mark for December, Sixteen days away from ringing in 2016, and a mere ten from Christmas morning. While my primary gift-shopping is done (thank you online retailers), I still have a few gifts to create for neighbors, friends who drop by, postal carriers, co-workers, couriers, sales reps, and the like.

So what do I do to crank out those last minute gifties?
One solution: I hit my Cricut's "on" button, and go straight to my Artiste Cartridge! It's full of wonderful little gift boxes to tuck goodies into. Like this one:

From cut to finish, this little gem took just under 30 minutes to create.
A touch of bling and some treats from my favorite local chocolate shoppe and done!

Here's another quick and easy trick I use often because it works so well for my UPS, FedEx, Uniform Delivery, Courier sort of guy-type-people. {I make sure my gal-type-people get the pretty pamper kind of gifties!}:

Purchase the large-size candy bars. 
{I chose Kit Kats because they have a red wrapper}
{and they were on sale!}
Then, wrap the bars in an 8x10 piece of cardstock.
Dig up some some scraps, bits, and pieces and go to town decorating them up!
Really SUPER easy and you can tuck a gift card underneath the ribbon or twine.
I like using Subway gift cards because it's like buying someone lunch and giving them dessert first!

So there you have it .... a few tricks I have up my sleeve for last minute gift-giving.

Your next stop is SHELLY who has a Pretty Piece to show you.
I was the lucky recipient of one and it was filled with delicious homemade treats to boot.
Lucky me!

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Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a New Year of Peace


  1. The box is awesome but I've got to admit that the candy bar is just my style. Easy and adorable!! Thanks for sharing two ideas!

  2. One word...Pefect!!!! I love both gift ideas! You just put a wonderful idea in the Hubby's mind. He said the Fedex guy isn't finished here yet and that is perfect!

  3. That candy bar is genius and just what I am going to make my delivery people. I make smaller ones for craft shows, but I never thought of gifting the large ones!! AND I am so glad to have one of the other treasures in my home!!

  4. Love that candy bar idea - I will definitely be using it! Super cute box, too!

  5. That little treat bag is precious! And the candy bar wrappers are so festive!! Great ideas, Marg!!

  6. I agree Artiste is the best for quick gifitie holders. Your candy bar wraps are perfect! Great design and sentiment. Merry Christmas!

  7. You are so smart!!! Love the idea to give a candy bar with a subway card... buy lunch but give them dessert first. fantastic & fun! And the paper crafting on all of it looks fabulous!

  8. Wow, some more fabulous inspiration. Thank you

  9. What fun ideas! I love the idea of attaching a gift card to a decorated candy bar! Thanks for the inspiration (and beautiful artwork!).

  10. You are so creative Marg. Love the candy bar wrapper and the gift card to Subway tucked under the ribbon is genius. The gift box is gorgeous too....you always cook up some creative beautiful krafts.


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