Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Studio J: Sub-Zero Day .... Warm Summer Memories

As this crazy-wonderful year winds down I'm sharing more 2013 memories ...
Our Family & Friends Barbeque was better than ever in 2013!
We held the 1st Annual Mini Float Parade ....

Alaina held a "Guess How Many Starbursts" game ....
The fishing was good ....
The pool kept everyone cool ....

The photo booth kept everyone smiling ....

It was a great day all around!
Thanks for the memories on this below zero day!


  1. Studio J Queen strikes again! Awesome layouts. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Gorgeous layouts! One of the things i love best about Studio J is that you can plug in how many photos you have for a certain layout and it gives you tons of pattern options to go with that number.

  3. What great layouts! And so pleasant to look through on this cold day!

  4. Busy girl! The layouts are adorable. Love the floats. What a cute idea to get the kids involved in paper crafting! Nice work once again Marge.


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