Friday, August 16, 2013

Workshop Fun with Babycakes!

Why I totally and completely LOVE Workshops on the Go:

  • Great Design ... all the hard work is done for me!
  • Instructions ... because I like learning new tricks!
  • Fabulous Product .... coordinated papers and accessories galore!
  • Exclusive Stamp Set ....  makes me feel special!
  • Savings! .... I can be a little thrifty
  • Leftovers .... I love having leftovers at the Tator Patch!

Let me show you what happens when I open a Workshop on the Go. I'll demonstrate with the new Babycakes Workshop.

The Instruction Guide is a large, full color fold out.
Even when you're done using it to create your workshop layouts,
you'll be able to refer back to it for future projects and inspiration.

You know, I'm not a fashion designer but if I absolutely had to, I could pick up a pattern and fabric supplies to sew a piece of clothing. (Dear Lord .... I hope that NEVER happens).
Our workshop guides are much the same. Your pattern and cutting instructions are all laid out for you. Follow along and before you know it ...... 

..... all your papers are cut!

Next, gather up your ink pads, and blocks ....
(check out that stamp set!)

...... it's time to do your stamping!

Now before I get the adhesives out, I sort of piece the layout together and double check my cuts and paper placement. At this stage of the game I can play around with things a little. I haven't used any adhesives yet so anything can be moved or changed.
For instance, I might decide to put those hearts in a different location.  Sometimes, depending on the pattern, pages can be turned or "flipped" for a whole new perspective.

Once I've decided on the final placement of page components ....
The fun begins! Shimmer tape, jeweled buttons, porcelain and wood badges, and foam tape,
all go to work and add just the right amount of magic to the layout.

Before I know it, I have two lovely layouts all ready for photos and story telling!

Here's a few more fun facts about Workshops on the Go:
How's that for variety? You can see all these workshops and more by visiting my website at  Shop and be inspired 24/7
Thanks for scrolling through today!
Always happy to have you stop by the Tator Patch!


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