Sunday, November 4, 2012

Studio J: Baby Lily Arrives

It was a very busy October in my world but I managed to find the time to dabble in Studio J these last few weeks. Having been blessed with my fifth grandchild in late September, I have many many photos to document Miss Lily Ann's first days.

I always struggle with journaling the birth of a new grandchild. I get all caught up in the moment. The event is huge and emotional. The words always escape me.
This is what I do instead:
  • I write each new grandchild a letter telling them how special they are to me and what it was like to see and hold them the first time. The letter is placed in their very own scrapbook.
  • I journal small little "blips" of what was going on or something that was said when the photos were taken.
  • Mostly, I just let the photos tell the story ... because, sometimes they do that all by themselves!
On this layout I journaled the usual statistics, something funny that was said, and a little bit about hearing Lily's first cries outside the delivery room door. That's it. Sometimes, less is more!
Here's the funny quip I shared on Baby Lily's first scrapbook page:
"Well, seven pounds thirteen ounces. Twenty inches long. That's a nice size walleye!"
(Grandpa Roger's response upon hearing her weight. Do you suppose he's a Minnesota fisherman?)
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  1. Oh, this is a wonderful layout! There is so much "story" in those photos!!

  2. Marg, you are one talented lady! Thanks for the inspiration! :D


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