Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Breaking the Rules With Studio J

Okay, I admit that I find myself caught up in an old habit ... wanting to scrapbook ALL the photos! I just can't seem to keep my finger off the camera click button when it comes to the g-kids. Every once in a while I have a very hard time not scrapping everything!

I talk all the time about sorting, deleting, editing, and storing photos. I use the "Photo Freedom" method and Stacy Julian teaches that awesome class right here! I promise to go back to practicing what I preach after this! I just can't help myself this time and Studio J makes it so easy for me to break my own rules!

All that being said, I'll share four more Baby Lily layouts I created using Studio J!

On this layout I used a text box to list visitors and well-wishers at the hospital.
Studio J Tip: Don't forget about the stitching options that are available under the embellishments tab. Stitching along edges or around photos can add a nice touch to simple, photo focused layouts.

Studio J Tip: I used the heart-shaped stitching option to accent the heart stickease. Other stitching shapes include circles, squares, and flowers.
And one more thing on this one ... I didn't spot the placement issue for the grassy border on the bottom right side. Before I reorder this layout for gift giving I will duplicate it which places it back into create/edit mode.  Then I'll make the necessary adjustment before placing into my cart.
The photos are random and meant to document baby's first home and general everyday life.
Studio J Tip: Title and text areas can be laid on top of photos. I used the text area to document baby's first home address, the vehicles Mom & Dad drive, where Mom & Dad work, and the pets she came home to. There are 4 separate text areas on top of the large photo on the left. Text areas can be arranged symmetrically using the alignment tool.

Just another glimpse of those first days at home.
Studio J Tip: Don't be afraid to experiment with switching out or recoloring papers. I switched out or covered up most of the original papers on this layout to achieve the look I wanted.
FYI: The Studio J website has several video tutorials that demonstrate many of the tips I touched on. If you don't see a tutorial or get stuck on a Studio J technique, you can either contact tech support at Studio J or email me and I'll do my very best to help you!
I guess I could "blame" Studio J for allowing me to break the rules! However, I do feel strongly that all of these photos tell the story of Baby Lily's first days. She will know just how much she was welcomed and loved when she looks at these pages someday.
Studio J makes large scrapbooking projects so much easier. I've done a total of 12 2-page Baby Lily layouts since October 1st. As much as I love traditional paper scrapbooking, I would not have been able to complete this project as quickly or easily in that format. The end result using Studio J is just as pleasing, the quality second to none, and I'll be able to use the jpeg files to reprint any of the layouts for future projects or gift-giving.
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