Monday, September 17, 2012

"Share Your Space" Team Challenge

Team challenge time for the Rose Blossoms again! Our lovely and mondo-talented leader Brenda Rose challenged each of us to share our craft space through photos or videos. Love this challenge for two reasons. One, it forced me to clean up my act. Secondly, I've been wanting to create a mini album that features my creative space and now, I have the photos!

I spent the first 18 plus years of my papercrafting journey in the basement. I was the family cellar dweller .... really! Two years ago we purchased our empty-nester home. The first room to get finished was my new upper level craftroom! That's right ... I moved up two whole floors and have discovered that natural light and fresh air actually enhance creativity! No more cellar dwelling for me!

Will I be rewarded for my cleaning and sharing efforts? You bet I will. Each team member who participates in the challnge will receive one of Brenda's handcrafted cards. Well worth the effort!

So ... here's my space:

 Welcome ... Come on in!!
This is my craft table. It's a hand-me-down from my little sister.
Love my OTT Lights, magnetic cutting mat,
and fun containers for the supplies I need handy at all times

Across from my craft table I have an old desk that is used for cutting and stamping.
The smooth glass surface is easy to work on and easy to clean.
My trimmer, printer and various related supplies are stored underneath.
Every stampers best friends are kept nearby ... paper towels and baby wipes!
I used the dishpan to catch all my large scraps. I sort that all out when the bin gets about half full. The little orange basket is for my throw-away stuff.
I am a huge fan of Target's ITSO storage system. I built this over the course of about 18 months. Waiting for these to go on sale is well worth it!
I'm an even bigger fan of my labeler. In order to make the most of my craft time, I need to be organized. I have to be able to put my hands on supplies quickly. I get frustrated if I have to dig for something. Labeling my bins helps to locate supplies as well as put them away.
My utility shelving from my cellar dwelling days came with me when I made my move up.
This is where all my paper and books are stored.
I use cookie jars and vintage containers to store ribbon snippets, extra die-cuts, and small items I can recycle or repurpose. The 3-ring binders contain class materials, my stamp catalog, cricut cartridge catalog, pre-cut AP and Artiste shapes, and ideas I clip from magazines.
My papers are organized by color palette in 12x12 flats. I keep the color chart handy for quick reference until I have the new palette memorized.
  • Adventure
  • Enchantment
  • Whimsy
  • Black/Gray
  • Neutral/Kraft
  • Colonial White
  • White Daisy
  • Scraps
Again, utility shelving was used to create this"stamping" storage station.
I recently found those floral storage cubes at Target. They store 60 Close To My Heart stamp sets.
. No more overflowing waste basket for me .... I use a shredder to handle my paper waste. Shredded paper comes in handy as gift basket filler too!
It's important for me to be surrounded by the art other people create.
I am inspired by gifts I've received, color, music, and sometimes a movie.
I hope you've enjoyed my space today as much as I've enjoyed sharing it.
 Thanks for stopping by!



  1. I loved seeing all the details of your ultra organized space!! Right down to the labeled drawers, your personality shines in your room!!

  2. I want to come over and play (secretly mess it up, just kidding). Your space is so organized. I love the flower boxes for your stamp sets and all the cute containers you use for your supplies, especially that owl cup! Beautiful saying on the wall as well. As a cellar dweller myself I like your big window with the natural light. TFS

  3. I love everything about your space! So light, airy and organized! This is a dream space for me. And I must say, that owl mug is the cutest thing! I adore your pink and polka dot and clear organizers, and your owl calendar. Love, love, love the inspirational words on the wall, too! Thanks for sharing!! :)

  4. Wow you REALLY make me want to go downstairs and organize my things. I love your space Marg! It is a perfect place to getaway.

  5. Love your space!!!!! Thank you for sharing! :)

  6. LOVE your craft space--and your organization. I laughed when you said you get frustrated when you have to dig for something-- Uh--yeah--I'm frustrated a lot. I like your idea of the dishpan for catching scraps. So much nicer than piled on my work table! I'm going to adopt that idea! Thanks.


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