Friday, May 11, 2012

Spring Training 2012: Shooting in Low Light

Another session with photographer Erin Cobb on Day 6 of Spring Training at Ella. Super awesome tips on taking photos in low light conditions. I'm even willing (a little) to venture away from the "auto" mode on my new camera!

While I didn't have the chance to photograph a person in low light, I did practice Erins' tips on using my own stance or body position as a tripod to stabilize the photo (somewhat ... I still need practice).

I took advantage of the lovely view I had on "Super Moon" night and snapped tons of photos. This is one of the better shots. While far from perfect, this is a huge improvement over my past attempts at similar photos:

Thanks to Erin, I have a much better understanding of shutter speed and some manual adjustments. I'll keep practicing and watch for gradual improvements with these types of photos.

Here's a great post from Elizabeth Dillow with more great tips:

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  1. gorgeous photo, I want to sit in those chairs!

  2. Oooo! I love Erin Cobb. She is a great photographer. I took her Clean Color class and it was so helpful! Great photo!


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