Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Spring Training 2012: Customizing Accents

Day 11 at Ella's Spring Training was all about altering or customizing embelishments, letters, and stickers. Nichol Magouirk demo'd a few inking and distressing techniques that I fully intend on trying out sometime.

I was reminded today that the best thing I ever did to advance my papercrafting skills was adding stamps and inks to my tool box. For my assignment, I altered three Milepost Shapes stars:

The stars on the left are straight out of the bag.
I mixed up a little dab of paint using my Outdoor Denim re-inker.
While the paint was damp, I sprinkled each blue star with a touch of glitter.
I stamped out the Sunny Yellow stars, cut them out and attached them to the dried blue stars.
Then I tied that cute little bow with some Baker's Twine!
Very easy .... I promise!

I'll be using them on this work-in-progress!
(My new Grandson's first layout!)

Here's a great little article with more on customizing accents:

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  1. These are great! I never would have thought of painting those starts. TFS Can't wait to see that finished layout, looks so good already!

  2. Marg, I get so unbelievably busy that I don't get to re-learn and remember all the things I would love to do in my craft room. When I come to your blog, I am so inspired, and you teach me and help me remember wonderful things. I can't wait to spend time with you again at Convention!

  3. Hard to believe those are the same product! Love the finished look. Thanks for the tip.


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