Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spring Training 2012: Spring Cleaning

Loving Spring Training at Ella so far .... really, I didn't expect to not love it!
The last three days have focused on organizing our craft space. I actually did a major league stash bust last year and you can read about that here:

Nearly a year later, I'm still free of excess stash and can move through projects without the fuss and bother of not being able to find something. Like most all of us, I have a busy work and family schedule. My craft time is somewhat limited. In order to make the most of my time, I need to be organized. I don't work well in clutter. I like  putting my hands on supplies quickly and if I don't have exactly what I'm looking for, I make use of what I already have. It's that whole "Gitt 'er Done" method.

I am fortunate in that I've moved from "scrappin' in the cellar" to "crafting in the loft". In other words, I moved my workspace from the basement to a vacated upper level bedroom. {empty nests have their advantages} My craft room didn't appear overnight. I've spent the last few years adding things here and there, shopping the sales, and paying attention to "how" I craft.

This is what I've got so far and it's working our pretty darn good:
This hand-me-down computer desk works perfectly as a cutting table. My Cricut resides on top and my HP printer is set-up in the cabinet along with office supplies.

While I'd love to shop Ikea someday, these utility shelves have served me well for at least eight years!

I keep my solid cardstock handy in these snap lid containers. These can be found at  any craft store and are very affordable if you shop the sales and use your coupons.

If I was a carpenter this would be my tool belt. My "Spinnie" contains all my top tools ... adhesives, scissors, pokers, blades, pens, microfibers, clips, and .... you know the stuff!

Just last week I decided to replace my six foot banquet table with this four foot table. By down sizing my work surface I don't have the space to create a clutter pile and I work on one project at a time. Loving my OttLites and magnetic board. Again, shop the sales because the deals are out there.

This small utility unit serves as storage for my most-used inks and stamps.

My ink daubers are handy in this container I found online.

I like using a paper shredder when I'm mass producing make 'n takes, page kits, or party favors. No overflowing wastebasket here!
{Office Max}

I'm an ITSO girl all day long! These cubes can be customized with a variety of bins, drawers, shelves, and doors. I started off with four of these about three years ago. These go on sale at Target Stores at least twice a year. I added cubes and bins until I finally arrived at this configuration in January. This system not only keeps me organized, it also helps me control my stash. See that row of bins on the bottom? That's where I store my printed paper packs, mini album supplies, and pre-cut page kits. If I need more storage space than that, its time to stash bust!

Love my labeler!

Paper towels and baby wipes are life savers for this messy inker!

Now this is the fun part! I need happy things sitting around.
Like this colorful jar ....

.... these piggy banks .....

 .... or doggy banks!
Yes. That's a real tag.

I display cards on this wall hanger.
{from my friend Brenda Rose}

How about this adorable apron from Etsy? This was a gift from my daughter so its cute and special!

This watercolor tissue piece inspires me.
I purchased this while on vacation in Grand Marais a few years ago.
Good memories of time spent with my little sister.

And who doesn't need a little reminder ....

How about you? Have you photographed or blogged about your craft space or favorite room? What tricks or tips do you have up your sleeve for staying organized?

Thanks for stopping by!
Comments, ideas, and questions are always welcome!

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