Thursday, June 2, 2011

{LOL} Say YES to Stash Busting

At the Tator Patch {LOL} = all things Labeled, Organized and Laminated! Just a little series on how I keep things moving in my craftroom so I can have the most fun possible!
Wendy Smedley taught a workshop last month called "Signature Style". Using her method I was able to pinpoint my own personal tendancies, design preferences, and methods when it comes to how I construct my papercraft projects. You can find my class assignment post here.

Ironically, Masterful Scrapbook Design's May 2011 Seminar was called "Stash Busting"! {love it}  Emily Pitt summed it up for me:

Being a part of a kit club means I get a new box of product every month.
I’ll admit it’s fun to get that box of goodies every month, but after the first year of this, I started noticing a problem: being a part of a kit club meant I got a new box of product every month. As a result, I wasn’t using what I had because I didn’t know what I had.

Four years later, I’ve learned how to “stash bust,” otherwise I might have had to rent a storage unit to hold all my product–and that defeats the purpose of having pretty product to play with. So now, every 6 months to a year, I go through my supplies with a ruthless eye. I’m going to discuss how I do this, how I organize what I have, and how I give myself permission to pass some of it on to others who can use it.

I took these bits of expert advice and made the decision to take a good look at my wonderfully diverse collection of papercraft supplies. In other words .... my stash of really cool stuff that I may, or may not use....someday. Leftovers from kits, bargain bin purchases, impulse buys, unopened monthly kit club packages, and handy-dandy-gotta- have-its. It became painfully obvious to me that it was time to clean house.

And clean I did. I was honest with myself ..... I kept what I really, truly love and can't live without .... and the rest, well ..... I packaged, priced, and posted a Craig's List ad .... "Cleaned my craftroom and I have some really great bargains for you!"

I'll bet you're asking: How can there possible be anything left in your craftroom?..... Are you giving up?.... What did you keep?

Well: My craftroom is still full of fun, I will never-ever give up papercrafting, and I kept my most favorite-est go-to products and tools.

I also promised myself one thing: I will shop smarter and make purchases based on what I already own. I will shop based on a specific need and if something totally and completely inspires me, I will purchase only 1 of that something and decide later if I have a use for the coordinating pieces.
 {Kind of sounds challenging, doesn't it? I'll let you know how it goes}

Best part? I have more space to create and I can quickly access tools and materials .... no more digging for this scrap-gal!

Say YES to Stash-Busting!


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