Friday, May 27, 2011

"Here, try the Pippa dress"

After perusing the Mother of the Bride racks at the bridal shops, I had lost my enthusiasm for finding the second most important dress for my daughter's wedding. There was just too much beige and bling ... nothing wrong with either one of those ... just not together on the same dress. I'm not a shortie bolo-jacket, strapless, mermaid cut kinda gal either. And I sure as heck don't want to wear something that gets me mistaken for the bride's Grandmother! In fact, I never even saw a dress I was willing to try on.
I knew one of these days I'd get a sales flyer and a discount coupon for Dress Barn in the mail, I'd scurry over to Blaine, try on a couple of things, get a good deal, and be done with it. No worries. Early August is soon enough.
But....then I hear....
"Mom, you REALLY" need to start shopping for your dress. At least go online and find what you like."
Fine. So online I went. Dress Barn (just okay), Herberger's (no dice), JC Penny (no way), Macy's (some real possibilities), White House Black Market (lovely, but I promised not to wear black), ..... notice I'm climbing the $$$ ladder? ..... and then there was Nordstroms ..... jackpot! Oh how my printer was a work'in away printing off pictures of pretty dresses in all sorts of lengths, colors, and styles. I was excited again!
Now, keep in mind that I needed to find a dress that could be worn with these:

So, I packed up my pictures of pretty dresses, a credit card, the shoes, and off to Mall of America I went. The day went something like this:
1. Found a dressing room
2. Put my shoes on
3. Tried on 10 dresses
4. Picked two that I really liked alot
6. Couldn't decide which one
7. Tried on two more
8. What was she thinking when she handed me dress#11 {eewwww}
9. Then, there was dress number 13: My Sister-in Law says "Here, try the Pippa dress" and over the dressing room door it was flung.
10. It was true Pippa-style alright. Slipped it on. {Magical!} I loved it and so did my shoes.
11. Look at the price tag ... not so bad! {sigh of relief}
12. Proceed to checkout and then off to Ruby Tuesday's for lunch {and icy cold White Sangria}

Navy Blue
Long Soft Sleek and the back is fabulous!
I'm happy, my daughter is relieved, and my shoes are really going to look great with this dress!

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