Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Royally Forgot!

Totally, completely, royally forgot this blog post about the {Royal Retreat Weekend} I enjoyed with my scrappy friends in April. So here it is .... hope you enjoy:

 We tried out a new place this time. Milton House is located in Mantorville, Mn and you can check it out here:   It just so happened that our scheduled April Retreat fell on the same week that William and Kate exhanged thier royal wedding vows. Of course, we had to play off of that all weekend ... the food, the fun, the follie, and oh yes ... the beverages. Here's a photo tour of the festivities:

Friday 4:00 AM
Not just watching the wedding but ...
joining Twitter chats as well!

Our version of wedding cake...
Boxed Truffles
{no fruticake here!}
Tiaras? Of course!
Cucumber Sandwiches anyone?
Oh, and they were delicious!

Duchess Julie and Baroness Jenny serving up Friday's Feast
Peasant Stew and Butties
aka Soup 'n Sandwiches

Jen and Marg, Royal Kitchen Wenches

"Long Live the Queen" ... and the friendship we share!

A little added touch
{Jenny B "borrowed" this from her son's bedroom}
What happens at retreat .... stays at retreat.

Saturday morning was delightful.
Mimosas and Scones
{our version of tea and crumpits}

Oh yeah ... and we DID get some scrapbooking done. In fact, most of us got quite a bit accomplished at this retreat. We really enjoyed Milton House and all the space we had in the Gathering Room.

Good times .... always!

Congrats to the Royals .... and thanks for the memories!

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