Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring Training 2012: Organization 2

Day 2 of Spring Training at Ella Publishing! Today is all about taking the next step in organizing. Wendy Smedley gave tips on how to sort your supplies according to your needs. For instance, you might choose to sort your papers by color, manufacturer, size, or theme. It just all depends on what works best for you.

Here's what works for me when it comes to my buttons:
Most of my buttons are sorted by color because that's how I "work".

Just a couple of exceptions:
I know I'll be using these for a boy-themed pages so
I'll keep them together and coordinate my papers with these colors.

Adorable or what? I'm keeping these together for birthday projects.
 Besides, they're already contained in that really cute tin!

Look at these lovely gems. I won these from Charlene's Button Box and
 I'm just plain hording them! Can you blame me?

Here's today's post at Ella with some advice from Shemaine Smith:

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  1. I sort mine the same way - right down to the Charlene's Buttons that I am hoarding! LOL!! Have you visited her shop lately? Amazing buttons!


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