Friday, February 24, 2012

Studio J: Sea World

I have two grankids that live in Florida and while I miss them like crazy, I'm thankful that technology helps us stay in touch between in-person visits. I'm also thankful that thier Mom is in the habit of sending me photos via text messages and facebook.

This day last August was no exception. Alaina and Alex couldn't join us for the VP family camping trip so I sent them tickets to visit Sea World that same week. I was soooo happy to recieve these photos in a text message! I called immediatly and could hear in their voices how joyous they were to be there. I guess Shammo was a huge hit!

One thing I'd like to point out here; These photos were taken with a phone camera and transmitted to my phone via text message. I was also able to access these photos on Facebook. The quality or photo resolution was the same in either format. When I created this layout, Studio J gave me the little triangular warning sign on the far right photo. It was a "resolution" warning and alerted me that the photo would be blurred when printed. Actually, I was surprised that I didn't get the "sign" on all the photos because none of them had real good resolution. Despite that, I forged ahead and submitted the layout for print.

When I received my actual 12x12 prints, I was so impressed with the fact that Studio J's photo editing did an excellent job making the most of these photos. Yes, the far right photo is a just little fuzzy, but, for me, these are cherished photos no matter the resolution. Really, I couldn't be happier with the quality of Studio J prints.

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  1. Marg, I love that you used Splash Zone for this. The brightness of the papers and those smiles really work well together and really make this layout special! I love that you shared the "warning." I feel the very same way - the pictures from Facebook are worth far more than a little resolution problems. Have a great weekend!!


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