Friday, November 4, 2011

The New, Dynamic View!

I'm all about easy access, low maintenance, and curb appeal. So here it is ....  the newly remodeled and (hopefully) improved Tator Patch!

Here's a tour of the new landscape:

Clean, lean, bloggin' machine! I'm liking the no muss, no fuss look. Not that I don't  enjoy creating my own banners, backgrounds and sidebar art, it's just that it takes time away from other creative projects I'd rather be doing.

I chose the "Magazine" view as my default look, but readers can click the down arrow just under the title and view this blog in any of the seven available options.

For instance:
This is the really cool "Mosaic" view.

This is "Timeslide" and it groups the posts by month.

If readers prefer a more traditional format, there's "Classic"

Other features I really "dig" include:

We now have infinite scrolling here at the Tator Patch. You can dig all the way back to the beginning of time when this blog was first sprouted. No more "older post" delays around here! Just click on any post title and the whole story appears right before your very eyes .... kinda magical huh? :)

The page tab bar has better visibility and there's more room to display page titles. Look for additional pages that include "My Art" "The Tator Patch Story", and "Blogs I Love". In the meantime, my Close To My Heart shopping pages are updated and open for business!

I'm looking forward to using Blogger's new Dynamic Views and hope this works well for my wonderful visitors! Look for my first giveaway later this month. In the meantime, explore your new blogger options, become an official follower here at "I Didn't Have Potatoes", or .... just keep stopping by and leave a comment or two along the way!


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