Sunday, November 6, 2011

Goodbye October ...

As I write (or type), we're still enjoying mild Fall weather with daytime temps in the 50's, more sun than clouds, and plenty of opportunities to be outdoors. Our daylight hours are considerably shorter these days. I have such a hard time getting up and at 'em in the morning when its so dark. Oh well .... could be worse .... Alaska comes to mind! This sun-lover would never make it having to live months without sunlight!

Aside from the usual tasks related to preparing for a Minnesota winter .....
I spent an awesome afternoon at a local apple orchard with my adorable granddaughter.

I watched the backyard change from the lush greens of summer to the browns and golds of Fall.

With little rainfall in September and October, the lake level is down, revealing the rocky shoreline.
I played with my new iPhone 4 reverse camera .... love it!
I flew to Detroit to ....

join these lovely and talented ladies (and 150 others) at Close To My Heart's Regional Conference.
I learned my sleep number is 45.
I stopped by the "Battle of Midway Exhibit" at Chicago Midway Airport.
(on my home from Detroit)

It was Breast Cancer Awareness Month ... so I paid a visit to the "mammo machine".
It's important, don't ya know!
Plus .... I got this really cute little patch/embellishment!

I watched my favorite pirate princess go door to door gathering Halloween treats.
We said Happy Birthday! to the oldest son .... He was my Halloween treat 29 years ago!

Fare thee well October and onward into November! Have a lovely Sunday everyone!

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