Friday, September 16, 2011


There's an old farmer's saying that goes something like this:
"The barn pays for the house."

Well, guess where I've been spending an awful lot of time lately .... yep, the barn! And, sorry to say, "the barn" does not have a craft room .... drats!

The Barn
You see, we own and operate two small businesses and have been blessed with a fabulous customer base, talented employees, and quality product. I, am so grateful to have a partner who has the financial sense of Warren Buffett and can make the tough decisions when the going gets rough. Business is good and for that we are both thankful.

Mind you, we aren't, and haven't been recession-proof. The shifting economy has forced us to change direction. We'd love to hire at least 2 more people, spend fewer hours at the office, vacation together, and stay on track toward retirement. Those things just aren't happening right now and believe me, there are days when I'm none too happy about that.

The House
But you know what? Life is good. We work hard, we make an honest living, our bills get paid, we have a lovely home, we both have hobbies we adore, and we do it as a team. All day. Everyday. Together. Just can't beat that!

So, no more whining from me if I can't get up to my craft room as often as I'd like these days. After all, "the barn is paying for the house"...... if only the barn had a craft room ..... signature

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