Friday, July 15, 2011

Photo Finish Tell-All

My sister sent me Finish Line photos from the Brainerd Lakes Race For the Cure we ran last month. Sometimes photos tell it all .....

My first 5K
42.6 minutes
Last one in for Sal's Team Hope
So NOT a runner
Had fun for a great cause

My sister
35 minutes
GPS on the wrist
iPod Shuffle on her arm
She's a good runner

My brother
24 minutes
Ran with an injury...tough guy
Fancy shoes
He's a good runner too.

Then we have my dear brother-in-law. Can you guess who holds the family
"Marathon Man" title?

20 minutes
Cool, calm, collected
Handy-dandy stop watch
Just another little ol' 5K
"Let me see ... oh! Maybe I should run the course one more time and say hello to Marg"

Thanks for the photos Sis!

Have a spectacular weekend everyone!

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