Monday, June 13, 2011

The OPEN Sign is On!

Exciting news here at the Tator Patch ...... !! ....

I'm happy to tell y'all that I've signed on as a Consultant for Close To My Heart!!!   All things paper-ee, stamp-ee, and ink-ee. There are few projects I create that don't include at least something from this product line. Lots of gorgeous, high quality, user-friendly happiness going on here!

Some of you may remember a number of years ago I handled, taught, and cropped another product line and super-enjoyed doing that. Well, a very good friend of mine still handles that same product line, and here at the Tator Patch, we just don't go stepp'in on toes! Actually I'm thinking that between the two of us .... we totally rock all things digi and paper-crafty! {Jen's product lines are here and here}.

For my digi friends, Close To My Heart offers fantastic digital access at Studio J .... you're going to love this stuff. Best part ... you get to try it for FREE during the month of June!

I'll be posting lots of workshop details, special offers, product updates, news, and artwork this week. In the meantime, use the two links posted near the upper right to check and see what I'm so excited about!

The OPEN For Business sign is on and I look forward to sharing Close To My Heart's products, techniques, and ingenuity with you!

Feel free to contact me if you have questions, would like to make a purchase, or better yet .... earn free exclusive product.

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