Monday, June 6, 2011

More Love, More Power ....

{Friday June 3, 2011}
This morning I put my iPod in shuffle mode, sat down to a little crafting before leaving for work and found myself deep in thought ....

My heart has been aching for loved ones who are struggling with some of the zingers life throws our way from time to time. While I'd like to think I can fix things for other people, the fact is, I can't.

I sat there. Frustrated. Sad. Helpless.

Then, this started to play from my iPod:

There are times when you just have to set down what you're doing, be still, and listen. Sometimes the only thing you can do is pray and trust that God will guide all of us through troubled times. 

I was inspired and strengthened by faith today .... and thought I'd pass it on ....


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  1. One of my very favorites - have a blessed day, Marg! Hugs, Brenda


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