Sunday, May 1, 2011

There's Still Time

Spring Training Day 6 at Ella Publishing: Another workout with Angie Lucas at the Craftnasium! Today it was an "Adjective Exploration".

By the way .... there's still time to join in the fun as we enter our second week of Spring Training 2011.
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Here's a layout I created a while back using a favorite photo of my Grandmother and one word to describe her. I really wanted to use the word Influential but there wasn't enough room given the size of the lettering I used. That's okay this worked out well enough!



  1. This is a great layout, Marg!

  2. Beautiful Marg! I love your handwriting. What a wonderful photo treasure to have. My oldies & goodies are still packed safe away in their box. You may have just inspired me to start digging through them. Thanks for sharing!


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