Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More Paper Love ....

Okay, so I promise this is the last post I'll do about what I found on Saturday's excursion to paper and scrapbook stores. That is, until the next time I actually have a whole day all by myself to dilly-dally around taking my sweet time perusing new product displays.

This is what else I found {and had to have}....

Selection #1

I saw this line from Echo Park previewed a couple of months ago and knew I would like it .... alot.

This is what sold me on it. My Mom had a typewriter just like this!

I'm feeling kinda vintage and retro all at the same time. I wonder where this will take me?

Selection #2
Animal Crackers from Imaginence. Cute, energetic, colorful, and not just for kids projects as I learned from a recent post here at Rose Blossom Legacies.

 I'm really going to have fun with this sheet. I'll likely cut these ticket stubs out and use them as embellies.

Selection #3

I don't think this a new product from Jenni Bowlin but it's new to me and I'll be busting loose with my CTMH sanding supplies!

One of my very favorite color combos.

 Selection #4
{and my most-favorit-tess}
Let me tell 'ya....I practically ran to this display when I laid eyes on the colors, the patterns, and the theme. It's "Twig" from Little Yellow Bicycle.

And to top it all off .... there's feathers! Not paper feathers, not chipboard feathers, not stamped feathers...but actual, soft, pretty, light, beginning of Forrest Gump-like feathers! How cool is that and how dorky am I ..... that's okay .... I'm good with it!

Have a wonderful day. I hope you find at least one thing that inspires you to create today!


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