Monday, February 21, 2011

For the Love of Paper

Plain and simply put .... I love paper. So, when I attended a workshop at Paper Source in Minneapolis over the weekend, I was in paper heaven! Their papers are displayed on rolls much like bolts of fine fabrics. Beautifully handcrafted papers from all over the world in colors and with textures I had never seen before. It was a real treat. If you're a paper lover too, I highly recommend visiting Paper Source at 31st and Hennepin in Uptown Minneapolis. They have locations throughout the country and offer online shopping as well.

The workshop I attended was most helpful in teaching the ins and outs of planning and creating unique and coordinated wedding invitations and stationery accessories. Here's a look at a few of the items I worked with:

Wedding cards and accessories....all made from beautiful papers.

I'm just crazy about these paper daisies!!

And last but not least, I discovered my new paper obsession: envelope liners!

Paper Source has a full set of templates to create envelope liners fast and easy. This is a great way to recycle pretty wrapping papers, gift bags, kraft paper, old book pages or scrap papers. See that great striped bag I used as a background in the photos? .... You got it ... I'll be making liners out of it!


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  1. All right - how did you make the daisies? I need to know if that is a punch or template. I MUST have it!!


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