Thursday, January 27, 2011

Simply Fun at Simple Scrapper

Over the course of a year I subscribe to tons of newsletters, blogs, weekly ad alerts, and news from all over the papercrafting realm. Well, I finally figured out that 30-40 emails every morning was getting to be a little much. Heck, I could knock out a card or two every morning before heading to the office instead of doing the "click-read-delete-pour another cup of java" routine. Time to clean up my virtual mailbox.

I started by "unsubscribing" to some of the newletters and sales alerts. I'm opting to keep the web addresess for my favorite bloggers, experts, and vendors listed in the "favorites tab" but really don't need to see or be tempted by the latest big sale or craft fad. When I'm in the market for something, it's just a click away. I now use my blogger dashboard to survey headlines from all the wonderful blogs I love to follow. No more inbox clogs!

I also opted out of the two monthly kit programs I've been subscribing to. I really love these product lines to death but I do need to get that stuff used up before buying more!

I gotta tell you .... I'm feeling lighter already! Not so bogged down by emails and online bargain alerts.

One of the handful of daily connections I did keep was this one:

.... or for an awesome giveaway go directly here:

I just love the short, sweet, and simple approach to getting the info out there. Better yet .... there's {free stuff}, connections to {free stuff}, prize drawings for {free stuff}, and a very affordable {$6.50-$8.00} monthly collection of papercrafting, digi, and hybrid scrapbooking {fun stuff} !

Here's what I did with this week's {free} digi template:

Fun, easy, and a great layout to kick off my 2011 Year in Review album!

Grab this freebie and a whole lot  more over at

Remember ... You can also use these templates as page maps or sketches to give your creativity a boost when java just isn't doing the trick.


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  1. So glad we made the cut! Good for you on the digital-decluttering.


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