Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sunday at the Lake

October certainly has started off beautifully. The mild, quiet weather offers up cool, crisp mornings that warm gently to clear, pleasant daytime temperatures. The peak of Fall colors are due in the coming week, the birds are gathering, and the raking of leaves has begun. I love everything about this time of year. Most especially the fact that life seems to slow down just a bit.
Al and I had an especially busy weekend. We’re still in the midst of home improvement projects that need doing before old man winter comes blowing into town. But you know what? ...  I barely remember that part of our weekend. What I do remember are these things:
·         The fresh air and smell of autumn as we did the first round of Fall yard clean-up
·         Holley-Dog going totally “ape” when she realized she was going duck hunting
·         The picture perfect sunrise on Sunday Morning
·         Watching Al set off in the boat for an early morning hunt
·         Watching a bald eagle hunt over the lake
·         The feel of warm sunshine on my face while I sipped freshly brewed coffee outside on the deck.
·         The crisp cool evening air and the smell of a neighbor’s bonfire.
·         Work? What work?
It was a great weekend all the way around.
Here’s a digital 12x12 layout I put together using template and digi paper kit from Katie Pertit over at Designer Digitals
….and thanks for visiting the Tator Patch!


Thanks for visiting the Tator Patch!