Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Wow. If I heard my kids use those words once, I heard them a hundred, thousand times! I always knew what topic they were covering in Science class when they came home and scrutinized everything I disposed of !

Well, here ya go kids .... the challenge over at http://www.betterliving.com/ is to re-use and recylce something found around the the house. I made napkin rings for my Fall table setting.

I used the cardborad tubes from paper towels, extra garment buttons, scrap papers and ribbons, a Fiskars scallop punch, a small touch of bling and a glue stick to make these. Quick and easy .... oh, and enviro-friendly! Kinda made me feel like a kid again ... paper, scissors, glue.....
I just knew I'd get around to using the last of that really pretty paper from the Sophie Collection by SEI.

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  1. Thanks Brenda! I saw something like these at Scrapfest. The Karen Foster people had much fancier, more product-intensive versions. I like to keep it simple (and inexpensive) when I can!


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