Friday, September 3, 2010

All Things LOL {Part 3} Acrylic Stamp Sets

Here in the Tater Patch "LOL" = Label + Organize + Laminate!!

So far, I’ve shared my sorting and storage process for mounted stamps and smaller un-mounted acrylic stamps and stamp sets. In this blog post, I’ll share an easy way to sort and store your larger, un-mounted stamps sets. I’m a huge fan of coordinated stamps sets and am particularly fond of Close to My Heart stamp sets. I love that CTMH makes it so easy to store their stamps …… here’s how I do it:

Again …… 3-Ring Binder, Page Protectors (optional) and a Bin-Basket-Box


Now, it’s pretty time-consuming to stamp all the images from a set onto a sheet of paper. I strongly recommend using a copier. Remove the stamp set from the envelope or packaging, place the set face down on the glass and hit “COPY”. You should have a nice clean image of the entire set.

CTMH stamp sets come in color-coded envelopes. Honestly, I don’t know what each color means but they are beautifully packaged! At any rate, place the stamp set back into the package and give it a number. In this example the image sheets and the packages have been marked Yellow-02 and Pink-09. This way I know the location is in the CTMH basket, I know what color envelope to look for and where they are numerically.


Determine which category the set falls into and place the image sheet in the binder accordingly
Store the stamp set in numeric order for quick and easy access. There ‘ya go!

So, just as a quick review, here are a few pointers for organizing your stamps:

1. Make image sheets and place them in a 3-ring binder.

2. Sort your binder into themes or categories that work for you. Use keywords that help YOU.

3. Don’t forget to NUMBER the image sheet and the stamp package!

4. Keep your stamps in numeric order.

5. Always clean and put your stamps away after using them. They’ll last longer and they won’t get mixed up

Don’t hesitate to share your ideas …… I’d love to hear from you …..
Have a most wonderful day!

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  1. That's funny - I was a director and don't even know what the color means on CTMH stamps!!


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