Thursday, September 17, 2015

Studio J: Zoe Express Collection

Yep! I'm still on the Zoe kick! Today, I'm featuring scrapbooking of the digital kind. For a limited time, there are five pre-designed Zoe layouts in Studio J. All you have to do is drag and drop your photos into the designated photo wells, add your journaling and voila!, you have a complete layout!

The following layouts were done pretty much straight up "as is" in Studio J. There are some minor adjustments but I kept these layouts easy by sticking with the original design. The whole idea behind Express Collections is to getter-done with no-fuss and beautiful results.

I converted one text box into a photo well and placed a long, single-line text box near the subtitle.
I also resized one photo well to make room for an additional photo well.
Added photo mats.

Removed an embellishment that didn't go with the story behind the photos.
Removed one photo well and re-sized another.

Added the stitched heart on the right hand page.
Replace one photo well with two smaller ones and added photo mats.
Added one additional photo well.

Added vellum to the journal-text box.
Removed one Zoe embellishment that didn't go with the story behind the pics.


Other alterations that can be made include:

Adding photo wells to accommodate more photos per layout
Converting text boxes to photo wells and visa versa
Resizing, relocating, or removing "complement" embellishments
Editing or removing the titles and subtitles
Converting photos from color to B&W or Sephia
Adding accents from the drop down menu: stitching, buttons, brads, staples, etc

The ZOE EXPRESS COLLECTION of FIVE pre-designed layouts is available for your creating pleasure until OCTOBER 31st only

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  1. Love the Zoe Express Collection! Thanks for sharing what you did to make it your own. That always inspires me to look beyond what's there and see the possibilities.


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