Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Gifts From the Heart

I was thrilled to be able to attend the Annual Close To My Heart Convention last month and came home with a whirlwind of fond memories, accomplishments, and inspiration.

Now that ALL my bags and boxes are unpacked, new product swag sorted, artwork completed, and photos edited, I'm going to share some of my favs from my days in Anaheim.

I roomed with friend, and team leader Brenda Rose who had this gorgeous 6x6 canvas artwork piece waiting for me when I arrived on Wednesday morning.

Despite her very busy convention schedule, she took the time to create this gift from the heart that now graces my craft room as a reminder to cherish friendship, kindness, and memories made.

Isn't this cluster amazing?
 Brenda mixed her floral flair with one of my all-time favorite paper packs, Jackson

But that's not all! .... There was a pair of Mickey Mouse PJ's and a box of Bit o' Honey too! Turns out we had matching pj's and neither one of us thought to get a photo! Go figure! We're scrapbookers for heavens sake! As for the Bit o' Honey .... delightful, and all gone!

FYI .... JACKSON is one ELEVEN Paper Collections due to RETIRE on AUGUST 31st.  So if you have a project to complete, or know this is a perfect fit for your future projects, visit my website today and place your order before Jackson is gone .... like my Bit 'o Honey!

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  1. This canvas is just gorgeous. The leaves look real! The cluster is amazing and typical of our Brenda! Thanks for sharing Marg. Glad you had a wonderful time at Convention.


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