Saturday, June 28, 2014

Studio J: Pick-Up Line

It's great to have a partner in life who has a hobby that fits so well with my own. He flies {and very well I might add} and I snap loads of photos!

Here's some fun we had after work recently. I didn't have my Canon DSLR with me which is unusual so I had to settle for my iPhone. I was pleasantly surprised with the results!

Studio J Tip:

Look at all the fun you can have by combining journal and title boxes!

Mix and match title and journal boxes. Then have fun with the fonts and Stickease Alphabet.

Create the "newspaper" column style journaling by drawing in your first text box and typing in as much of the entry as space allows and in the font you desire. Next, copy-paste that text box and move the copy into position using the snap/line guide. Then, edit your text entry to finish telling your story.

It's actually way easier than it sounds .... if you need help, I'm happy to show you how to do just about anything in Studio J! 

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