Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Page Ready Layouts

Several years ago I joined a monthly scrapbook club. The lovely and talented Brenda Rose would teach two 2-page layouts. I never knew what papers or patterns she'd be using or what new technique she was about to lay on us. Tons of fun!

I learned a lot in those months. I learned to enjoy working outside my comfort zone and I added new techniques to my "can-do" list.  I also discovered that I do not need photos in order to enjoy the process of creating beautiful layouts. If I really love a paper line and believe that I'll use it for scrapbooking someday, I go right ahead and make layouts. The photos will eventually come and when they do, my pages are photo-ready and I get the job done while the memories are fresh. 

So, rather than a huge stash of paper and coordinating embellies, I have a stash of photo ready pages! Yes, I  have a small stash of unused product but not nearly as much as I used to!

Here's a few tips on making layouts for your photo-ready stash:

This is my most recent addition to the stash. Let's take a look at the page on the right side.

1. Lay in and firmly attach all your base pieces.

2. Determine which embellishments, clusters, or other components can be attached permanently without interfering with photo placement. Attach those pieces with your permanent adhesives.

3. Attach photo mats or temporary place cards using a small strip of removable adhesive. 

5. Keep in mind that you can change your photo sizes and orientations if you wish. For now though, stick with the original plan and get the job done.

6. For embellishments that extend over the top of photos, place your adhesive off to one side. Carefully place the piece so the adhesive won't interfere with adding your photos later.

See? That's not so bad! As you can see, there's plenty of room to add more embellishment after you've place your actual photos. The point here is that most of the work is done and anything you want to do after this is bonus fun!

Don't let the lack of the "right" photos stop you from creating beautiful pages and layouts. Create with products you instinctively love. Trust me, the photos will happen and you'll be ready to preserve the memories and tell the story!

Creativity happens when you keep an open mind. Take advantage of opportunities to learn from others. Leave your comfort zone, try something new. You won't regret it!


  1. This is a GREAT tutorial!! It's so helpful to people that love to scrap, but may not have the exact pictures right now. Great job, Marg!

  2. What an informative post.

  3. Fabby tutorial......your page is fabulous also. You are so very talented!!!!
    Kim xXx

  4. What a fantastic idea! (And a beautifully inspiring layout too!)


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