Monday, December 31, 2012

Year in Review 2012

I love paging through Year in Review magazines and viewing online slideshows. This year, I'll jump right in and end my blog year with one of my own!

It wasn't easy to choose just one photo for each month so I resorted to the eenie-meenie-minie-mo system! Here you go .... a "Tator Patch Year in Review!"


2012 has been one of great blessing. We worked hard to keep our small business successful through a tough economy. We learned the importance of keeping things simple. We found joy in the company of good friends. We loved and will forever cherish every moment we spent with our children and grandchildren.
Yes, 2012 was our "Life is Good" year and for that I am ever thankful. God has blessed us, making us closer and stronger in family and faith. We know not what the coming year will bring, but whatever it is, we are ready!
I'll leave off with this little tidbit I found on Pinterest earlier this year, along with my personal wish that your coming year is one of success, personal growth, and joy.
 Happy New Year! See you in 2013!


  1. What a wonderful, wonderful post. You are a great blogger, Marg!

  2. What a beautiful sentiment and beautiful family pics! Thanks for sharing with us!


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