Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Very Crafty Secret Santa!

Team Rose Blossom is at it again! Crazy-Creative-Crafty-Christmas Fun! We had a Secret Santa gift share this month. Each participant was given the name of a fellow team mate, along with their favorite color, paper pack, and sweet treat. We were each instructed to create a gift using Close To My Heart product.

Look at what I received from the lovely and oh so talented Cindy Rand Dale:

We start off with a beautiful card and an adorable treat bag. Both of these lovelies feature
this year's seasonal Pear & Partridge papers.

What's inside that treat box you ask? Why, Dove Chocolates of course!
And that's just the beginning . ...

Check out this beautiful card box! Simple elegance at it's finest .... just sayin'

The pinwheel on top is beautifully crafted. Cindy cut the paper strip so that the outer edge of the pinwheel sports a very finished look. I'm also crazy about the pearls swirls.
And if the box itself wasn't enough, I opened it up to find these ....

Eight coordinating cards with matching envelopes!
Oh! ... and there's more!
(you must check this out)

Cindy created a matching pen by placing a piece of coordinating cardstock
into the barrel of a clear pen!
This is the closest I've come to an all-inclusive anything in quite a long time!
Notice how Cindy took a seasonal paper pack and created something that isn't "holiday-ish". She used the papers from Pear & Partridge that take on a feminine, floral look and work perfectly for any occasion ... I'm so happy that this occasion was gifting me with an over-the-top Rose Blossom Secret Santa gift.
Dear Cindy,
I am blessed to have settled into a hobby, and on a creative team where ideas are shared, support is happily offered, and friendships are cherished. Thank you for sharing this gift. It is a reflection of not only your talent, but the care you take in crafting and creating for others.
Wishing you and yours a Christmas of  peace and joy.
Marg Van Patten


  1. What a lovely post and thank you to Cindy!

  2. Great post, Marg! I can't wait to share mine!

  3. Thanks Marg! I just read this and it's fantastic!


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