Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dear Photograph

Wanna see something super-over-the-top cool?

From Ella Publishing:
The Concept 
The idea behind Dear Photograph is simple: hold up a photo from the past in front of the place where it was originally shot, then take a picture of the picture, adding a dedication about what the photograph means to you. The results, however, are astounding. By turns nostalgic, charming, and poignant, Dear Photograph is a stunning visual compilation that evokes childhood memories, laments difficult losses, and above all, celebrates the universal nature of love.

If the concept looks familiar, it seems to have inspired a popular television ad for Chevrolet, as was pointed out in an article from AdWeek.

I found this at {my most favorite-ever learning blog} Ella Publishing and here's what I did with this awesome idea:

Dear Photograph,

Where did the time go? It seems only yesterday I was watching this boy and his dog take to the lake on an early, chilly spring morning.  Both were determined to be the first out of the channel and onto the big water. And they were. That boy has since grown to be a fine man with a full, busy life. He remains true to his love of water and fishing, visiting whenever he can. His dog? Well, she has since passed, and like the boy, is missed everyday. Time does fly and it is with a grateful heart that I give thanks for memories like this.
Love, Marg

I encourage you to give this a whirl sometime. So worth it!

Have a lovely evening and thanks for stopping by the Tator Patch!


  1. Marg, you always teach me so much about journaling from the heart. I love this idea!

  2. This is such a cool idea...tfs. I love the journaling you shared about your son. Makes me miss my own a bit more today.


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