Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Studio J: Winter 2011

I cleaned my craft room. It looked so nice and neat. So tidy and organized. I sat there, in my comfy chair, and thought "If only this room could look this good all the time....." I really wanted to start my next project but didn't want to disturb my space. No yet anyway.

You see, I craft like I cook. I make one heck of a mess producing something, but the end result usually puts a smile on someones face!

I actually did come up with a temporary solution to my dilemma. I opened my laptop and paid Studio J a visit.  Just so happens that:

1. I didn't keep up with my 2011 Year in Review album and really need to get it done.
2. Studio J is offering a fabulous 5 for 5 deal right now and I never, ever pass up a great digi deal!

I started off with Winter 2011 photos and created these two 2-page layouts using the digital version of the now retired Aspen paper pack. I've depleted my stash of the "real paper", but was very happy to create with Aspen via Studio J.

My annual Year in Review albums became digital projects starting in 2007. I discovered that the digital process freed up considerable time that I could use pursuing other crafty-fun projects like art pages, mini albums and cards. I had one less project to shuffle around on my table, fewer trips to Target's photo desk, and the ability to make copies of my work for family members.

I spent 35 minutes creating the first layout and 45 minutes creating the second. There's no way I could have completed traditional layouts like this in that amount of time. ....  not without a huge mess!!!

Visit Studio J today and try it out! Then let me know how you like it!

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  1. I love these layouts. They are so sweet! And what a good idea to point out that when our paper is depleted, we can turn to Studio J. Maybe I'll quit hoarding some of my papers!


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