Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How-To: Cutting Out Stamped Images

When I started my scrapbook-papercraft journey in the late 90's there was this sort of unspoken rule:
"Stamps are for cardmakers and stickers are for scrapbookers". Remember that? If you do, then you've been around for a while!

Well, times have changed. New tools and technology have taken our hobby into a whole new realm. Card making techniques have crossed over to page layouts and cards are being used as mini albums. I love this sport!

My most favorite-est way to customize and personalize a card or scrapbook layout is to use stamps.Stamps come in a phenomenal assortment of just about anything you can think of. Stamps allow us to create our own embellishments in any color, shape, size, or quantity. 

Here's a few things I've learned about cutting out stamped images:

First off, I always stamp out several images. In this case, I only needed one tree, but, I stamped out enough to make three. This way, if I make a cutting error, drip coffee, apply the adhesive incorrectly, or decide I could actually use more than one, I'll be prepared and save lots of time. Yes, I learned these lessons the hard way!

Always use the small micro-tip scissors to cut out your images. These scissors are sharp and cut nice, smooth edges. One good bit of advice I got years ago: while making your cut, use long smooth cutting strokes, rotate or move the paper not the scissor. In other words, avoid short, choppy scissor action. Your cutting should flow in one long smooth cut before reopening or resetting the scissors for the next cut.

When stamping out multiple images on the same piece of paper, rough cut the image you'll be using off of the main sheet before the final trim. This makes handling and rotating the paper much easier.

Also, you'll notice that I usually cut just outside the actual stamped image. This is an easy cut and allows the image to "pop" off the background. You may choose to cut directly on the image lines ... entirely up to you. Next time I use the "fussy" cut method, I'll put together a tutorial!

Where do my "extras" go? They wind up in one of these jars! The tall one in the middle is for ribbon scraps, the one on the right is for stamped embellies and die-cuts, and the jar on the left ...  well, that's for chocolate!

See .... here's a sampling of the fun, ready-made goodies I have on hand for a quick card or page element!

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