Sunday, January 1, 2012

Adios 2011!

Good Morning and Happiest of New Years to You!

I don't know about you, but I'm really all about leaving 2011 behind and blasting right into 2012! December just capped off a year that served up just a little too much of the stuff we'd rather not have another helping of!

Oh, there's those "sayings" people offer up: "If it doesn't kill ya, it'll only make ya stronger", "God never lays on a burden you can't carry.", "There's always an up-side.", or (this one drives me nuts, even though its true), "Things could be worse."

There are just some things you can't "spin", nor should you. There were times when there simply were no words..... the heartache unbearable, the loss too great, or overcoming means starting all over again.

There was however, for me at least, one important lesson to be learned: There are times when a person just needs the patience, and the faith to sit quietly and listen. Listen to a loved one bear their soul. Listen for your chance to lend a helping hand. Listen to your own heart, and pray. Just pray.

Before bidding 2011 a not so fond farewell,  I have to say how grateful I am for lessons learned, the new friends I made and the old ones who made me laugh, and for the opportunity to witness the amazing strength and resilient kind hearts of loved ones who experienced a tremendously difficult year.

So .... Goodbye, fare thee well, good riddance, and adios 2011!

{Welcome 2012} .... an incredible new year!!

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  1. Marg, there are many reasons why I love you and cherish our friendship. This post just exemplifies all those reasons. Happy 2012 to you, my dear friend!


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