Friday, September 23, 2011

Boot Camp: The Urban Effect

One of my very favorit-est learning places on the internet is Ella Publishing Co. I participated in Spring Training 2011 and for the past week I've been tuning into Boot Camp 2011 for three quick workouts per day.

I have some page layouts to share over the next several days using patterns, grids, and various journaling techniques that were taught by the likes Angie Lucas, Wendy Smedley, and Lisa Dickenson.

Today, I'm sharing a photo editing technique called Urban Effects taught by the talented Maggie Holmes. This is a popular way to enhance photos using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. This is actually my first attempt at editing photos in this manner and I have to tell you ..... I'm lovin' this method!

In this example, the before photo (left) is actually pretty decent. But apply the Urban effect (right), and the colors just pop!

This little guy belongs to friends of mine .... adorable or what? Don't you just love how the effect makes those baby blue eyes just spark?

In this next example, I took a very plain, not so colorful photo (top) of our front door. I applied the Urban effect and was wow-ed by the difference. The overall dingy color is gone and the flowers just pop
I could play around with photo editing all day! but ... I'm off to my craftroom to finish off a couple of assignments and will return with more Boot Camp accomplishments over the coming weekend!


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