Monday, December 27, 2010

How Do You...Burlesque!

On my way back to the routine grind this morning....Fox 9 News, coffee, check email, coffee, dress-hair-make-up, start car, load dog, make the to-go cup of ... {you guessed it} ... coffee, and I'm on the road.

This morning, I added this to the morning drive:
and, OMG.....getting back to the office after a long, lovely holiday weekend could not have been more jazzy, upbeat, inspiring....even, {dare I say}!

Let me back up, just a bit. You see, my daughter and I shuffled off one Sunday afternoon to see this movie. Being the Cher fans we are, we naturally loved it despite the run of the mill storyline and the fact that we would have like seeing Cher perform just a little more....but...having said that....Aguilera was fabulous! What a set of pipes that woman has!! Costumes, dance numbers, cute guys, funny cheesy's all there. But the soundtrack... {awesome} ... right down to Aguilera's version of {Marilyn Manson's} "Beautiful People" The best part? My daughter gave it to me for Christmas!!!!

How do I Burlesque?......driv'in out Hwy 97, dog in the backseat, coffee in the thermos cup, and this soundtrack CRANKED UP BABY!! 

Have a fabulous day!

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  1. Awesome! Have a great Monday Sis!


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