Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sh-Utterly Wonderful!

I'm a huge fan of Shutterfly. There. I said it. All those bound photobooks on my shelf or the quick little gift albums I've passed along over the years .... yup, Shutterfly. I've been using their photo print service for years and they don't limit or charge for online photo storage. Like I said, I'm a huge fan.

I'm also a fan of receiving holiday photo cards and I've got to tell you.....I'm lov'in the new holiday line-up from, you guessed it, Shutterfly!

Check these out ....
Fresh and modern.
Love the simple, to the point message.
Look at that great color scheme!
click here for more Thanksgiving choices

I'm thinking these 5x5 cards are the hot ticket this holiday card-sending season! If you save your photo cards in your scrapbook albums, just think how easy it will be to use these square cards to create terrific layouts!
 I also love the all the new fonts being used this year. And don't you just love the color combo here?

The whole collection is just a click away!

Folded cards more your style? All kinds of great designs to choose from. Single and multi photo versions, warm wishes, and color galore!

You MUST check these out!

Crunched for time?
Have a few really favorite photos from earlier this year?
Vacation, wedding, or birthday photos?
Here's a tip:
You don't have to use the "Winter scene -  by the Christmas tree -  wearing the ski sweaters" photo for your holiday cards. Try sharing your favorites instead!

So, onward we go into this most wonderful photo-snapping, photo-sharing, card -giving time of year! Give Shutterfly a try .... I'll be looking for your card in my mailbox!!

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