Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Extreme Makeover

Well, maybe not THAT extreme, but a make-over nonetheless! I just completed an online class over at  and, as you can see, I’m   learning the basics of blog design. I’ve seen so many cute-pretty-creative-artsy-adorable blogs out there and quite frankly, I was {just a little} envious and despite my best efforts, {totally} clueless when it came to dress’ in up my own blog. It’s still a work a progress but I’m happy to be back posting. The rest will come more easily over time.
Now, a little bit {or a lot} about this Jessica Sprague gal.  First off, I’m a HUGE fan! I purchased Photoshop Elements 6 a few years ago actually thinking I could teach myself how to use it for creating digital layouts and hybrid projects. Sure, I got PS6 downloaded and even figured out which screen I needed to use for creating cool digi stuff. Beyond that … well, I needed serious help. Enter the talented and down to earth Jessica.
I started by checking out the {totally} free mini-class she offers and from there launched into her “Up and Running” workshop. Since then, I’ve completed two more PS6 workshops, six hybrid project classes, eight PS6 technique sessions, an ACDSee organizing workshop, one totally traditional project class, and two photo editing workshops. Currently, I’m working on the “This Old Photo” class and I’m {very} slowly learning the basics of restoring old vintage photos. Cool huh?
In a nutshell; if you want to learn good, solid, basic digi skills, I highly recommend and start with the freebie class. Some classes are self-paced while others are instructor-led. Watch for upcoming holiday specials and maybe put one of these workshops on your wishlist! 
Okay, so, before this post turns into a full-blown infomercial …. I’ll share my latest digi layouts. These are two 2-page and one 12x12 layouts using photos from this year’s visit to the Renaissance Festival in Shakopee, MN.  I was able to put all these photos across 5 easy pages using Double Template8 by  {Anna Aspnes} , the Bergen Dusk paper pack by {Michelle Martin}, and “Queen and Country” brush set by {Anna Aspnes}. That’s it!
Enjoy and thanks for visiting the tator patch!
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4

Page 5

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