Thursday, September 2, 2010

{LOL} Un-Mounted Acrylic Stamps

Okay, I’m going to back up just a little. I had someone ask me about the categories I use for sorting my stamps. In a nutshell, I use what works for me. My binder is tabbed or divided like this:

Alphabets ~ Animals ~ Babies-Kids ~ Faith ~ Frames-Flourishes ~ Holidays ~ Months ~ Misc-Specialty ~ Nature ~ Sentiments

That’s pretty much it! I’m bound to be making adjustments from time to time as my collection and interests change. The important thing to remember is to sort your supplies in a way that works for you. You need to know HOW to find your supplies and WHERE to find them.

So, onward …. This is what I do to organize my individual or small sets of un-mounted acrylic stamps.

Must Have Tools = 3-Ring Binder + Index Tabs + CD Sleeves (the paper ones work great) + Bin-basket-box that will accommodate CDs
Media bins or baskets go on sale frequently at both Office Max and Target. Prices will range from about $3.99-$9.99. My advice: Wait for the sale!
If you have a copier handy, place the stamp on the glass and hit “COPY” ! Otherwise, stamp the image on an 8.5x11 sheet of paper.
Once your images are copied or stamped, place the stamp in the CD sleeve. Then, and this is the really, really important part, give it a number. For this group of stamps I started with CD-01. “CD” tells me that the stamp is located in the basket of CD sleeved stamps. The numeral tells me where in that basket the stamp is filed. Write the number, on the page AND the CD sleeve. I'm adding these two new stamps and I just pick up where I left off numerically at CD-59 and CD-60.
Place your page in the binder under the category you are most likely to find it. Some of you might want to place the image in more than one category. Just make multiple copies of the stamp image sheet. I try not to do this because I want to keep my system as simple as possible. Again, do what works for you!
Now, put the stored stamp in the designated basket or bin. Keeping the sleeves in numerical order will allow you to locate your stamp in a snap!
Remember…. Being able to put your hands on your supplies quickly and easily will allow you to spend more time creating!
In LOL {Part 3} I’ll cover an easy-peasy way to store your larger, pre-packaged stamp sets. Please leave comments, ask questions, and share your ideas with the rest of us here in the Tater Patch ….. see ‘ya next time!

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