Friday, August 13, 2010


Hello...can you read me now? okay, good

I've been picking away at this blog creating project off and on for the last two months. I finally decided today {just now as a matter of fact} to stop working on it, dive right in, create my first post and simply >>>make it happen<<<!  

I don't have all the bells and whistles in place. I haven't figured out how to use "blogwear" and I'm still undecided on the layout, font, and photos. But you know what? That's the whole idea behind my blog....stop waiting for all the perfect conditions to exist. Dive in, make it happen. The results will surprise, satisfy, dissappoint, cause laughter or  create chaos. Things can always be changed, adjusted, tweeked, twittered and facebooked these days.....the possibilities are endless. So here it goes.

I present to you "I Didn't Have Pototoes"  {so I created this blog instead}

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