Friday, August 27, 2010

Papercraft Therapy

No, Al hasn’t commitment me to a scrapbook withdrawal program….not yet. Now that my new room is up and fully functional I’m able to spend an hour or two most evenings doing what I love best: playing with photos. For the month of August I’ve devoted some time to creating layouts for weekly challenges posted at Better Living through Scrapbooking. Check them out at

One of the challenges consisted of creating a “photo-less” layout. Yah right. HELLO! ….. I scrapbook photos. Scrapbooking is all about photos. It’s not possible to scrapbook without photos. Right? Well, the challenge was set before me and, quite frankly, I’d love to win the fabulous prize being offered up. So I chose to scrapbook a page about Alaina and Alex’s first day of school. As many of you know, two of my grandkids live in Florida. Needless to say, I miss the heck out of the little buggers. So when life’s little milestones occur (ie: the first day of school) I get to missing them a little more than usual. I couldn’t be there to see them off but I was able to create a page that celebrates one of their big days.

Funny thing happened in the process of putting this page together……. The bright colors and those adorable little paper doll kids made me smile. The “Nana’s Advice” list helped me feel like I did something useful. And the little notes to each of them allowed me to put in writing just what I would have told them in person. In the end, I realized that this project was so much more than just a contest entry …. It was therapeutic! Just what I needed to lift me up and feel not so far away from loved ones.

Never under estimate the value of having a hobby AND switching it up a bit ….. the results just may surprise you!

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  1. I love this layout, and I can tell how much "paper therapy" went into this one! This month's prize IS really great - and every month here after will just keep getting better and better! I have the challenges through November an they are amazing. One thing I really enjoy about being on this design team is the challenge I get from putting layouts together. It's a wonderful hobby!


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